Safervision Limited

Safervision was established in 2015 with an aim to deliver a personal training and consultancy service in relation to the 'Prevent' strand of the Governments counter terrorism strategy (contest).

Having been former police officers, Peter Thompson and Sharon Ross, bring a wealth of experience with them having worked in many departments during their service.  

They have worked directly with Prevent from its introduction in the north east in 2008, over the period of Government change and review in 2011 and the introduction of the Prevent Duty in 2015.  Following their retirements in 2015/17 respectively, seeing that there was a need for training in this area of business, they have continued their collaboration into the private sector and have now delivered Prevent training into nearly 300 schools across the NE region.

Safervision can deliver training which is very individual to the client, looking at specific roles, skills required, legislation, governance, policy/procedure, risk assessment and any other identified issues needing consideration.

Their bespoke talks and workshops, for both staff and students, are developed on an individual basis, to give clients a more 'hands on' approach to understanding this sometimes complex topic and believe that no 'on-line' training product can match the knowledge and experience which they share with their audiences.


Safervision Limited

Pam Gartland : safeguarding first have worked with Peter and Sharon since their company was launched in September 2015.  They are both Knowledgeable, creditable, current, training providers and facilitators of learning who engage their audience with  difficult subject matter in a sensitive yet powerful delivery style which focuses the mind on how to ensure keeping our children safe in modern Britain is everyone's responsibility. They bring their recent expertise of the Prevent agenda from the Police perspective  into different learning environments and with different educators and tailor their sessions to meet differing needs and risks .I would highly recommend their whole workforce and specialist training events .