Pupils Profit

Give your KS2 children the opportunity to experience enterprise at school with the Pupils Profit Healthy Tuck Shop and Stationery Shop initiatives.  

Schools can simply purchase from the popular product ranges, or use the Enterprise Toolkit training which gives the children a greater level of engagement and understanding.  

Positive outcomes span maths to healthy living, as children develop important employability skills within the framework of their schoolyard business.  

All the healthy snacks are within the Children's Food Trust guidelines, and the stationery range includes an eco friendly selection.  




Latest Offers

Group Pricing

We offer a reduced price for our Enterprise Toolkits where four schools from a cluster or academy group purchase an Enterprise Toolkit within one term. Please get in touch for details.  


Encouraging Healthy Choices - 'nothing as successful as this'


The Healthy Tuck Shop has been a massive success story at our school! Prior to introducing the Healthy Tuck Shop, we had tried numerous different initiatives to encourage children to eat healthy snacks at break time and nothing had been as successful as this. The Tuck Shop is always busy and the range of snacks available has proved extremely popular with both children and staff.


What the children say they learned from running their Healthy Tuck Shop


'I have learnt that working together makes work get finished quicker'  

'Through being a director of the Tuck Shop I have learnt how to manage people and encourage people to work as a team' 

'I have learnt to be more organised and to work as part of a team. I have also learned how to use a spreadsheet to work out costs and profit'


'We use maths quite a bit during tuck shop: when we are ordering stock, counting stock and money and working out how much profit we have made'

'When you’re counting the money all up and when people give you multiple types of coins so you have to count it all up'


'I think I have become very confident towards people and talking because before I didn’t talk a lot and sometimes I was a little bit shy'


'I found lots of things useful about the Tuck Shop. Designing posters and writing information for the newsletter and website will help me in future if my job involves marketing' 

'I like selling because it gives me a chance to meet new year threes throughout the school and people I have not met before'

'I like the products and I like seeing the customers happy. You make more friends because you talk to people you may not necessarily talk to'

'I find it (selling) exciting'




Setting up the Tuck Shop

'I initially thought the Healthy Tuck Shop would involve a lot of support from myself as class teacher, however they have made it simple enough for the children to run the business almost independently' 

Primary Enterprise

'Pupils Profit pitches the idea of ‘enterprise’ at exactly the right level for the children who are taking part. It encourages and supports the development of life skills that these children will take with them well into secondary school and even into adulthood'