NYES (North Yorkshire Education Services) supports educators nationwide to deliver an outstanding learning experience for all children and young people by providing a wide range of support services that enable schools to deliver a high-quality education provision.

NYES are the essential backbone schools need; delivering innovative, quality solutions which are value for money and harness the education sector’s creativity, passion and optimism.

NYES provides over 30 education services to schools covering a wide range of professional support services, facilities management services and education and learning services. Furthermore, each service contributes to a continually expanding range of over 300 training and CPD courses aimed at keeping school communities both compliant and empowered to execute their roles to the best of their ability.

Learn more about us here, and get in touch to see how we could help your school, our team are on hand to help you get the support you need.

Latest Offers

Join our National SRMA Team

Are you a School Business or Finance Manager, Chief Financial Officer or Head of Financial Services?

Could you use your experience in education to work with, support and give advice to schools?

North Yorkshire Council are proud to be only one of two supplier organisations in the country to be appointed by the DfE to supply School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) nationally as part of the government strategy for supporting excellent school resource management. NYES Financial Management Services manage this contract on behalf of the council.

NYES are looking for accredited or potential SRMAs to help us deliver the DfE contract.

To find out more visit: NYES Financial Management Services | NYES Info

National School Business Leaders Day

Happy National School Business Leaders Day!

We recognise the amazing work that school leaders and all colleagues do in schools and we're here to support you. 

Go to our website nyes.info for the following FREE training from our NYES HR Team;

  • Managing Stress in Schools
  • Building Resilience in the Workplace

Read our blog to find out more information on further support we can offer you and your team.

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New Service Announcement

Are you looking to use your Capital Funding to improve your school's energy efficiency or facilities? 

We are now working with Align Property Partners, who are also backed by North Yorkshire Council and can work with you on all aspects of consultancy, design and build for all project sizes. 

They've already supported many schools in the North East and have a great reputation which is why we're so proud to work together. 

Visit nyes.info for further information and contact details.

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The NYES Team

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is taking place today to raise awareness of mental health and drive positive change for everyone’s mental health. This year's theme is 'Mental Health is a Universal Human Right'. NYES Health and Wellbeing Service, NYES Mental Health and Resilience Training and NYES Human Resources can offer services to support Mental Health within schools.

The Health Assured app, offered as part of the NYES Health and Wellbeing package hosts lots of great resources. Click below to find out more about getting involved with World Mental Health Day 2023 and access some resources on offer from Health Assured.

Access the Health Assured Resources

Visit the Mental Health Foundation Website

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Have you used Veritau Learn yet?

Over the summer Veritau’s Schools DPO team successfully launched their brand-new e-learning platform, Veritau Learn. The platform has replaced Veritau’s previous e-learning modules on the portal and has a great new look.  
Veritau Learn has been designed to make it easy to oversee and monitor completion of data protection training by staff, via the new dashboard. Trust users are able to monitor the training across all their constituent schools, to ensure central oversight and consistency. You are also able to download information about staff completion of the training. 
Veritau Learn has launched with the following five courses, with more to follow in the coming months:
-      Data Protection for School Employees
-      Data Protection Refresher
-      Information Security
-      Information Requests (SAR and ERR)
-      SIRO, SPOC and IAO Roles and Responsibilities
Veritau’s DPO clients have access to the new platform included within their contracts.
If you would like to hear more about the services offered by Veritau, including details of their Schools DPO Service and e-learning only package for schools and Trusts, please email schoolsDPO@veritau.co.uk or call 01904 554025. Alternatively, please visit www.veritau.co.uk.

For existing Veritau clients - how to get started
To help you get started with using Veritau Learn, the team at Veritau have created a suite of handy how-to guides and videos, as well as an overview highlighting what each course covers, how long it will take to complete and who it is intended for. You can find all of the guidance on the Veritau portal.
If you have any queries about Veritau Learn or if you would like to contact the team, please get in touch. Please email schoolsDPO@veritau.co.uk or call 01904 554025.

Stress Awareness - How to support colleagues

Feeling stress is a natural part of life, it can promote motivation, the ability to take action, and stimulate excitement. However, if you are caught up in an overwhelming amount of stress it can leave you feeling, depleted, exhausted, and burnt out. According to the Mental Health Association, 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Read our blog here for advice on how to support your colleagues and prevent stress from becoming an overwhelming issue.

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NYES Catering's Kath Breckon Wins Prestigious Award

Kath Breckon, a NYES Catering chef with over 15 years’ experience in school kitchens, has recently been awarded the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Education Catering’ award at the Yorkshire & Humberside LACA Awards*. 

Visit our blog here to find out more about Kath's amazing dedication to her work.

Kath is working alongside Tom Kerridge and other well-known chefs and recently created some nutritious and cost-effective recipes for school caterers that are made using only five core ingredients. The “Five in Five” recipes, are suitable for both primary and secondary schools to delight your pupils. Kath has also created a guide for reducing waste in the school kitchen. Access them all via the links in our blog.

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Unlocking Autism Plus - New training available

The NYES SEND team have brought out a really valuable new training offer called Unlocking Autism Plus which will start in January.

Each module is available seperately so you can pick and choose which topics are more relevant for your pupils. The topics covered are;

  • Girls and Autism
  • Patholigical Demand Avoidance
  • Identity
  • Selctive Mutism

Click here to book your place or read our blog on Selective Mutism to find out more.

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Ad Astra Academy Trust

The service provided by the NYES Health and Safety team has been excellent. The support and advice gives us the confidence we are compliant with health and safety regulations and our pupils and staff are working in a safe location.

Kingsley Primary School

Veritau are always helpful when we have questions regarding GDPR and are very responsive. The online training modules and templates have been very helpful and informative for staff as has the regular newsletters we receive. We would highly recommend Veritau for any of your GDPR requirements and support.

NYES Energy & Sustainability - Power Down Pete

Pete’s enthusiasm and mixture of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic hands on learning meant that all the children loved his presentation at all levels in the school. They absolutely loved it, they are inspired, and have retained a lot of the information.