Jobs in Schools | North East

Jobs in Schools has been designed to bring all of the vacancies in schools in the North East together in one place. Candidates can find the best jobs in the North East – from this home grown jobs board, created to match local talent with the vacancies in our region. The majority of vacancies in the North East are filled by local candidates. It makes perfect sense that there is a tailor-made solution – great news for candidates and a cost-effective tool for schools.

Jobs in Schools is a new jobs portal, powered by Schools North East and the schools in our region. This jobs board is a not-for-profit and enables schools to benefit from huge financial savings on their national recruitment spends.

The future for local candidates is in Jobs in Schools | North East.

How school benefits
Research shows that schools in the North East collectively spend more than £2m on advertising jobs, via national or non-specialist jobs websites, putting even more pressure on already strained budgets. Jobs in Schools North East will benefit local schools with an all-round solution to attracting and retaining talent in the North East:
Perfect for recruiting teachers, leaders and support staff
Act as a one-stop-shop for all recruitment needs within schools
Schools can showcase themselves as employers, to profile their establishments and to promote incentives to potential candidates such as additional CPD;
Access quality candidates from the widest regional talent pool;
Save money for schools by offering cost effective solutions, reducing the need for national advertising;
Host news articles, blogs, initiatives, details of careers events and resources.
Reach a wide audience of candidates applying for jobs within commuting distance
Collectively contributing to retaining teaching talent within the region.
Reduce the need to re-advertise posts – saves time and money

How candidates benefit
All vacancies in North East Schools in one place
The best teaching jobs from local schoolsLeadership opportunities for teachers who are seeking career progression
Sign up for job alerts and be notified when new jobs are postedUser friendly search criteria to identify the type of role and salary and school
Search geographically or by Local Authority Area
Easy online application – sent only to the school candidates are applying to
Advice and guidance to support candidates through the application and interview process
Not just academic posts – administrative, business and facilities roles too
Vacancies for newly qualified teachers

More information is on the Jobs in Schools | North East Website or by calling the office on 0191 204 8866


Head Teacher at Berwick Middle School, Northumberland

“I have advertised for several teaching positions over the years and, at different times, have had little, and on some occasions, no response even when we’ve used a very expensive national advertiser. This time we used Jobs in Schools | North East and received 9 applications for a main scale post. What was really pleasing was the quality of the candidates – it was very difficult to decide who to ‘sift out’ at the shortlisting stage!”

Derryth Hope, Head Teacher at Berwick Middle School, Northumberland

Head Teacher at Fishburn Primary School, County Durham

“We had a cracking response for the Deputy Head vacancy, nearly double the usual average and at minimal cost. If there is one thing that has become apparent to me in the last years is that people prefer regional to national solutions.”

Danny Eason, Head Teacher at Fishburn Primary School, County Durham

Jobs in Schools - Head Teacher at Park View School

Iain Veitch, Head Teacher at Park View School in Chester-le-Street, says Jobs in Schools | North East is the only recruitment portal the school will be using from now on.  View Mr Veitch testimonial on YouTube