i3-Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology for education.

Our product range consists of touchscreens, interactive whiteboards, projectors and software for teachers  that  allows them to easily prepare and deliver lessons to their students effectively, and turn classrooms into collaborative workspaces.

We work closely with schools and organisations of any size to drive adoption of new technology in the classroom. 


How Omnimundo embraces diversity with education technology

We use products of i3-Technologies in our classroom every day, like the i3BOARD, i3Learnhub and the iMO's and it's really fun to teach this way.  

We looked at the results in my class since we started using technology. More than 87% of the children are able to get more grip on the learning material. We also saw better scores in tests with 88% of the children, thanks to the digital approach.