HLTA Northumbria

HLTA Northumbria aims to provide quality professional development for school support staff. We can offer preparation towards the award of HLTA status alongside a range of development opportunities designed to develop an understanding of teaching and learning. Courses are offered across the North East on a termly basis and can be bespoke to meet the needs of groups of schools with Teaching Alliances, Academies and Muti-Academy Trusts. Experienced facilitators will provide support and advice to delegates leading up to and throughout the preparation and assessment process.

Latest Offers

HLTA Preparation and Assessment

Three day HLTA preparation and Assessment takes place across a range of venues in the North East facilitated by HLTA Northumbria. Details can be found on our web site at www.hltanorth.com or by contacting judith.robson@northumbria.ac.uk

HLTA Preparation and Assessment

New dates added to the website www.hltanorth.com for Summer term groups. If yu are interested in coming forwrad for assessment or would like further information for yourself or your staff members then please contact judith.robson@hltanorthumbria.ac.uk for further information.