GCSEPod provides high quality, exam board mapped, detailed curriculum content across 28 subjects. 

GCSEPod’s breadth of coverage is unparalleled, with no other product or service on the market able to match it.   This content is delivered through our unique ‘Pods’ (3-5 min videos) and can be viewed on any device.  A huge amount of care and detail goes into creating each Pod, taking on average 9 months.  
Most publishers wait for the next iteration of the curriculum to be released but GCSEPod content is constantly refined and refreshed. 

GCSEPod’s unique flexibility allows continuity of use no matter the educational setting.

Effective learning is enabled through: 
• High quality curriculum content for 28 GCSE/ IGCSE subjects 
• A fully supportive blended learning strategy 
• Independently accessible assessment with scaffolded support 
• PodUP coaches available to all subscribers 
• Parent webinars to drive engagement 
• No premium content to unlock, so no unfair class advantage 
• Supporting focused intervention 
• Accommodating learners of all abilities 

Students are engaged through the unique way that GCSEPod allows them to take ownership of their learning. Not only can they assess themselves and build confidence, they learn in a way that is native to them. Scaffolded support throughout assessment, proof of progress, easy to digest information and personal challenge, drive usage and usage drives results.

Progression and achievement tracking: 
GCSEPod dashboards can be tailor-made for any educational setting, including MATs or TSAs. Intervention groups can be created and monitored to easily identify students needing additional help. Usage data can be exported and linked to attainment data in MIS to demonstrate impact in school self-evaluation.
Distinctive and innovative:
GCSEPod is unrivalled in the education industry for breadth and detail of content, service and support, accessibility, and honesty.  There is no freemium to premium model in place , GCSEPod is completely transparent. In the last two years we have introduced a significant number of innovations, including our new platform, ready-made assignments, independent assessment, Achieve content (a practical response to ASCL’s forgotten third report), subtitles and speed up/ slow down functionality to name only a few.  All new functionality and content released during a school’s subscription period are added at no extra cost.

GCSEPod was founded and is still based in the North East, which is why they have an exclusive North East schools offer to help schools in this region.
For more information please call 0191 338 7830 or visit www.gcsepod.com 



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Breadth and quality of content

“The school’s ethos is to ensure we give the girls the best start in life we can, regardless of their backgrounds. We already use a couple of learning apps, but wanted to develop and diversify our use of online platforms. GCSEPod’s breadth and quality that it offers dovetails the way we approach teaching and learning.

“We needed something that we had confidence in, and GCSEPod gives us a perfect base from which to work on broadening our students’ knowledge. GCSEPod is very clever and up-to-date with spaced repetition and interleaved learning.”


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