educationGateshead - Gateshead Council

educationGateshead works with the educational community to deliver high quality and high impact education improvement services.  The motivation for everything we do is the achievement of the children and young people in your care.
Our School Support and Development Programme provided by educationGateshead, Gateshead schools and valued partners is highly regarded by our partner schools and reaches schools in beyond Gateshead in our wider region.
We focus on the things that make a positive difference...
l Leadership and management
l Effective and creative teaching
l Enjoyable and effective learning
l Assessment and targeted intervention
l Research and evidence based development
l Innovation and best practice
l Sharing experience and developing expertise
l Curriculum development
We work with, as well as for, the education community...
l By knowing the educational landscape
l By sharing the ambition to provide the best for children and young people
l By listening to customers
l By supporting governors, managers and staff to develop their organisations
l By supporting partnership and collaboration

Although the education landscape continues to change we aim to be a point of stability and quality.  We offer a programme that never stands still as we respond firstly to your needs while trying to anticipate the future demands made upon schools by central government policy.

We believe we are much stronger when we work together and educationGateshead is there for you at the heart of our learning community.


An Excellent Partnerership!

My experience of CPD has always been excellent - the quality
and delivery is always first class and continues to be so (both in
school and out). The quality of consultant advice and guidance
is assured, relevant and very supportive. We source education,
development partnership from educationGateshead. The level of
challenge and support is professional, comprehensive, extremely
useful and always appropriate - an excellent partnership!

I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Joining a supportive authority like Gateshead had really lightened the stress of my first year as a Head Teacher - knowing I can call on support and advice from the Local Authority and educationGateshead has really made a
difference! The CPD myself and staff attend is always of a high quality with plenty of ideas to bring back to school - I can’t recommend them highly enough!