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How can we best support children's mental health and well-being if we too are experiencing adversity, or trying to navigate through life's complexities? To support adults supporting children and young people, Children's Emotional Language and Thinking Ltd delivers training in two key areas:

1. Adversity in Childhood: Impact on the Developing Brain and Building Resilience 

2. Developing Emotional Intelligence to Support Self and Others 

Training is bespoke to your school - one size never fits all, and that includes the adults too! When we recognise that adversity impacts on the way we think, feel and act, then we can begin to understand how that might play out in children's experiences. Whilst Emotional Intelligence is often seen as a 'soft' skill, it is, in fact, a necessary foundation for building  psychological safety. When children - and adults - feel psychologically safe, their capacity for learning increases, and outcomes improve. 


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Implementing EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to engage ‘challenging’ pupils

20% off our CPD UK accredited webinar series Implementing EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to engage ‘challenging’ pupils 

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Developing teachers and leaders

Ruth brings her years of experience as a Primary Teacher and Leader alongside her passion and commitment to coaching. She is able to support leaders and teachers alike in identifying and improving their practice, coming from the perspective of emotional intelligence and how this can make a huge impact on your role as a leader.



I attended a series of Zoom workshops around EQ and ACES with Ruth and enjoyed working online with a group of education professionals from all around the UK.  The informational content was presented in clear chunks with excellent examples to bring the theory to life and I particularly benefitted from the relaxed group discussion times to share, relate and assimilate the ideas for our own practice. At the end of the course, I had a collection of practical strategies to use straight away and the enthusiasm, knowledge and inspiration to reach out and support children, parents and education colleagues from a positive, empathetic standpoint. 

Understanding self

The EQ training received by a selection of the workforce at Trinity Academy Newcastle Multi Academy Trust was not only the ideal way to give staff a deeper insight into the importance of our ethos but created an inner awareness of their own and others’ brain styles.  In turn, this helped those involved to become more emotionally available to others which allowed them to provide empathic support, whilst in many cases, supporting their own wellbeing by assisting them in the mentalisation of their thought processes as being different but not wrong.