Avec Partnership Ltd

Avec is a North East based company providing expert and specialist advice and support to schools and academies.  We work with over 100 schools and academies across the region.  We provide your school with independent, high quality support that is second to none in the following areas:  - Human resources - Financial management  - Academy Conversion - pre and post conversion support, including advice on chains, multi-academy models, and PFI. - School business planning - Health & Safety - Leadership support - Governance - Performance Management - Procurement - Bid writing  

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Academy Surgery

Avec is offering a unique opportunity for school leaders to meet with an Avec expert and discuss the practical implications for your school in terms of Academy conversion.  Focussing as much on post conversion issues as the conversion process itself, we will provide you with honest, professional advice ranging from financial feasibility to staff and union advice, consultation support and the range of academy models and what they might mean for your school.  

Contact sarah.monk@avec-partnership.com to arrange your confidential meeting.


Cramlington Learning Village


We commissioned AVEC to work alongside us on our academy conversion in May 2011.  We did this for a number of reasons, firstly they came recommended to us from another colleague who valued the expertise they brought to the table, secondly in Julie (Sowerby) and Sarah (Monk) they had two leading members of staff who were experienced in human resources and finance – really the two ‘twin arms’ of conversion. Finally they brought to the table significant experience of conversion and close links with the DfE.

They did not disappoint, the professionalism and commitment of the team is evident in all aspects of their work. The regular project plan meeting provided us with the checks and balances we needed around our own conversion and also gave the governors reassuring messages around how the conversion process was going.

Many aspects of the conversion are new territory to schools, headteachers and business managers, AVEC had all the answers to our questions and provided knowledge and expertise which complimented our existing team. 

Barbara Priestman School

My school has worked with Avec partnership for 3 years. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and the range and quality of advice they provide. The service is very personalised to the strengths and needs of my leadership team and matters that arise within the school. We have bought into a range of support from governance, finance, HR and staff training. Support is swift and clear which has enabled us to move much quicker on issues than we would have done otherwise. Their long-term experience within a range of educational settings is reassuring, and their expertise second to none. I would definitely recommend their company to other head teachers who are looking for high quality leadership services.

Darlington Education Village

We are forming a multi-academy trust, that includes a primary, secondary and special school as well as being a PFI school, therefore the issues have been complex and varied. Avec have provided Darlington Education Village with outstanding, high quality and responsive support throughout the academy conversion process in respect of project management, HR and TUPE, finance, governance and leadership support.  Avec colleagues quickly inspired the trust of governors, staff and students through their clearly experienced and competent grasp of associated issues. On every occasion, arising issues have been dealt with promptly and in a professional and responsive manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services and personally, I am extremely grateful for their expert support throughout, what would otherwise have been, a stressful process.


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