Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Healthy MindED 2020, which was due to take place on 14 May 2020, will now be held as a live virtual conference over two days, with a bank of additional prerecorded sessions for all delegates to access.


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Mental health has been an issue of growing concern for school leaders in recent years, however this year it has become more important than ever due to the Coronavirus crisis. The ongoing crisis, alongside partial school closures and lockdown measures have caused a number of issues for students and staff alike, from the disrupted routines, stress of lockdown and anxiety of the pandemic, to bereavement under very difficult circumstances. These issues will be widespread and will require a new approach from staff and schools.



This year’s Healthy MindED Conference will focus on the most important concerns to help you understand how you can approach mental health within your role as schools extend their opening and when the new year starts in September.

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The conference will focus on four key aspects of mental health in relation to the Coronavirus crisis:


With disrupted routines, stress from lockdown and potentially six months away from school, it is likely that students behaviour will be affected. There may also be new rules to learn in relation to hygiene and social distancing measures.


As well as the minor stresses of lockdown, some children will have faced more serious issues, with bereavements under difficult circumstances, and issues such as increasing rates of domestic abuse. Some families will have suffered from increased financial difficulties leaving children more vulnerable.

Staff Wellbeing

As a practitioner, it can be easy to focus on the needs of children and forget that your mental health and your colleagues matters too. Staff have been dealing with all of the same issues, potentially with the added stress of caring responsibilities and increased workload while they have worked to support the school community.

Recovery Curriculum

How do we start to get back to ‘normal’ when students do return? With up to three months of lost learning, what curriculum do we need to best help our students move forwards?


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