Kelly Ashley - Word Power Taster

18th Jan 2021

St Michael's English Hub
Target Audience
School Leaders
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Kelly Ashley - Word Power Taster


Monday 18 January 2021, 3.45-5.30pm


Word Power is a professional development programme linked to core principles outlined in the new book, Word Power: Amplifying vocabulary instruction (Ashley, 2019). Word Power CPLD has been designed to boost vocabulary instruction by developing an awareness of the power of words and providing practical, evidence-informed strategies to amplify word learning approaches in FS, KS1 and KS2.

The following key questions will be explored:
*What does the research say works well to close the ‘word gap’ in primary?
*What word knowledge do pupils already have that we can ‘unlock’ and build upon within our approach to vocabulary instruction?
* How can we create ‘word-rich’ environments by getting pupils to notice and then amplifying new words?
*What strategies can be used to explicitly teach new words? (The Word Power League of eight dynamic superheroes, linked to each Power-Up strategy, will be introduced, designed to make word learning fun.)
*How can we effectively charge and recharge new language to strengthen pupils’ word memory, over time?