Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning for Special Schools and Alternative Provision

19th Jan 2021

National Network of Special Schools (NNoSS)
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Integrated curriculum and financial planning (ICFP) is a management process that helps schools plan the best curriculum for their pupils with the funding they have available. It can be used at any phase or type of school, although the principles are still being developed for Special Schools. ICFP involves measuring your current curriculum, staffing structure and finances, and using the data to create a 3 to 5 year plan.



Join the National Network of Special Schools (NNoSS) for an informative session on 19th January 2021, 10:30 - 12:00 where we will be joined by Steph Relf who works in the Funding Policy Unit at the Department for Education, advising on policy for school business professionals, integrated curriculum and financial planning, and income generation.


Steph will talk about the principles of Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning and how it can be used to inform models and practice contributing to finding a balance of what can work in your school.


Sam Ellis, Education Consultant , will discuss the work that is being done with Steph to develop a tool that will work for special schools.


Julie Cordiner, Education Consultant will talk about her experiences with ICFP and give some examples of considerations to take into account.


We will then hear from some school business professionals who have implemented ICFP within their schools and the model that works in their context.


Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss this further and ask questions of the speakers. We will look at the pros and cons within a special setting and what other things need to be considered when trying to use ICFP as a model to support financial management planning.


There will be the opportunity to work with the DfE as part of a user group to help develop and test ICFP tools for special schools.



FREE to all NNoSS members
Other Special School and AP delegates: £15.00
Mainstream Schools: £25.00
Non School £50.00