How schools can make the most of their Apprenticeship Levy

13th May 2021

Schools North East
Target Audience
School Leaders
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North East Webinar: How schools can make the most of their Apprenticeship Levy


Thursday 13 May 2021,  17.00pm


Many school leaders are unaware that they already contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy and could be using it to develop the talents of their staff Teaching and Non-teaching). Les Walton (Chair, Association of Education Advisors) will host a short webinar with Pauline Aitchison (Deputy Director, School North East), Stephen Tierney (Educational author and speaker) and Gareth Alcott (Strategic Director for Partnerships, National College of Education). The webinar will provide information about the Apprenticeship Levy and how it can be accessed and used. We will provide examples of how the levy can support individuals and organisational goals specifically tailored to schools, using a range of programmes provided by the National College of Education (Captiva Learning Ltd).

We aim to develop a network of colleagues in schools to engage, empower, and inspire a new generation of leaders who will transform the way that schools in the North East are managed and led, promoting service to their communities and enhancing life chances for all.