Evidence-based Champions Event

13th Jul 2018

Cost (non-member)
FREE - including breakfast


SCHOOLS NorthEast are holiding an Evidence-based Champions event/induction on the morning of Friday 13 July.


Volunteers needed


SCHOOLS NorthEast are looking to create small groups of ‘Evidence Champions’ within each sub-area of the North East.  They would be people at all levels in teaching, NQT to senior leaders and Heads, who have a particular interest in this area and would like to help lead on it.  The idea is to create a small group of motivated people who would ensure that the agenda in this field is firmly grounded in local needs and priorities.


SCHOOLS NorthEast and its various partners would then support these groups with resources, funding, research reports, a virtual community, and help them to drive their agenda forward; with the aim that each group could hold regular evidence-based Teach Meets in their areas.  We would also help them to network with each other and the wider national and international evidence-based communities to help them link up with cutting edge developments in teaching practice.


The event will:
• Scope out the focus for the whole of the 2018-2019 Evidence-based plan of activity, including physical events and webinars, Champion’s Teach Meets, etc;
• Agree the exact role/ purpose of the Champions;
• Scope out a Northern Festival of Education, showcasing evidence-based education in the North, for the summer of 2019.
• Develop an Evidence-based Virtual Community in the NE



If you are interested in attending, or know of anyone in your school or cluster who might be interested, please contact Chris Zarraga c.zarraga@schoolsnortheast.com




Evolve Business Centre, Rainton Bridge South Business Park, Houghton-le-Spring DH4 5QY