Enterprise Programme

31st Mar 2016

Target Audience
School Leaders

One fifth of young people in Northumberland are unemployed and neither in education or training. This is the highest rate of youth unemployment in the country
The Alnwick Garden Trust’s Enterprise Programme will demonstrate to children and young people in the North East of England how best to succeed in the jobs market.

This programme will emphasise the link between hard work and making money. This will culminate in a fun day of practical selling at The Alnwick Garden. We are also currently in discussions with Northumberland College to deliver a formal recognised qualification.

Each group will:
Work with their mentor to create a small business plan.
Develop a product or service.
Sell their product at The Alnwick Garden.
This programme will demonstrate to children that they can be their own
boss and reap the rewards.
It is aimed at academic years 5-7.

programme explores flexible ‘work experience’ for young people to gain the valuable hands on knowledge to help with future employment. They will be given the opportunity to gain experience in gardening, customer services, working with children, arts and crafts, acting and retail.

The programme is designed to provide:
A real life working environment.
Familiarity with an employers expectations.
A competitive advantage when entering the job market or higher education.
Experience of working in a team.
An employability report and reference.
A chance of future employment.
This programme is aimed at young people aged 14-18.

This programme offers a day of seminars and training activities for up to 200 young people quarterly.

The programmes areas of discussion are:
The importance of working.
CV skills/identifying application criteria.
Interview technique.
Meeting employer’s expectations.
Understanding your role as an employee/knowing your rights.
Managing your first wage.
‘Best’ workplace practice.
How to succeed.

These seminars will be given by:
Ernst and Young.
Barclays Bank
The Northern Recruitment Group.
The Business Psychology Group.
Newcastle University.
Alnwick Chamber of Commerce.
Academic years 10 - 13.


For more information contact Charlotte Matthews on 01665 511356 or email charlotte.matthews@alnwickgarden.com


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