Energy Prices - Budget Protection

25th Jun 2021

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School Business Management
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25 June 11:00 – 11:30

Energy prices: How can you protect your budget in a rising market?

Following a period of low energy prices during which we reached a 10-year low, you may have noticed prices rising once more. The long-term forecast looks like prices could continue upwards, so if your contract is due for renewal, how should you proceed in order to protect your budget? Zenergi’s MarketWatch team of energy experts track and monitor the trends and factors that can impact on the market in order to provide guidance to our consultants who help clients secure the best energy prices. Join this session where Andrew Chester from our MarketWatch team will join Head of Business Development, Chris Jermy, for a review of the energy market with insights to help you plan for your renewals.

Speakers: Andrew Chester, Zenergi MarketWatch team and Chris Jermy, Head of Business Development, Zenergi

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