Employment Virtual Roadshow A focus on diversity and inclusion as we learn and emerge from the pandemic

21st Sep 2021

Muckle LLP
Target Audience
School Business Management

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Join Muckle LLP for their first virtual roadshow of the Autumn 2021 series.


Titled - A focus on diversity and inclusion as we learn and emerge from the pandemic,  Muckle LLP's employment team will look at how UK employment law and the supports put in place by the Government have affected different groups of employees and how the last 2 years are likely to inform policy and law-making in the future.

They will also consider practical steps that all employers can take to promote diversity and inclusion in their workplaces.


Why tune in?

These sessions will be of interest to all HR professionals and will provide an opportunity for topical questions and comments on current themes affecting all employers.

We’ll explain our shared views on the changes, based on what we see day to day and where we think things will go, to try and help with strategic planning in an uncertain World.


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