Differences between individuals at work (Durham)

26th Jun 2019

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24 June 2019

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

Workplace Mediation Skills workshop

9.30 am - 2.30 pm


19th June 2019 – Washington

26th June 2019 – Durham

  Please note at each venue there are 15 places available for this workshop.

When a diverse group of people come together, differing cultures, norms, behaviours and attitudes invariably lead to issues. When these result in disputes, the effectiveness and productivity of the parties involved is impacted, but there may also be wider implications for the business. Resolving disputes at the earliest possible moment is critical to restoring relationships and a positive work culture.


Current disciplinary and grievance procedures are generally focused on process rather than people and tend to be adversarial in nature. By contrast, the mediation process is designed to bring individuals together in a safe environment to discuss the real issues and their needs for resolution.

The course will help participants understand the nature of conflict, the process of mediation and the skills needed to successfully mediate. Participants will learn, observe and practice the techniques of mediation.


Workplace Mediation Skills training is an essential element of staff induction and part of their ongoing CPD programme.


Workshop content:

- Understanding the nature of conflict

- Natural group behaviour and the Tuckman model

- Identifying a conflictual situation

- Developing skills and Preparation for Mediation

- Conducting a Mediation Session

- Self Care as a Mediator

- How to nip conflict in the bud

- Identifying when conflict evolves into bullying

- Working for solutions

- Communication – assisting each party to hear and understand the other’s perspective

- Clarifying the need for any further meetings

- Establishing what will be communicated to the organisation by the Mediator and the actions each    individual will take as a result of the meeting

- Finding a way pragmatic way forward that meets the needs of both parties and of the school


Learning objectives:

- To expand soft skills in a boundaried way in better managing conflict in the workplace

- Understand the aetiology of conflict and the principle of replaying past events

- Learn about an effective mediation model and how to implement the mediation process

- Practice effective communication and active listening skills

- How to enable the parties to address their issues and reach a consensus


Delegates will receive:

- Certificate of attendance

- Complimentary chocolates/mints/sweets

- Refreshments and lunch



£199 + vat per delegate (5% discount on the overall cost for 3 or more delegates attending from the same school)


Training venue:

19th June 2019 – Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB

26th June 2019 –Salvus House, Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS

In-house events:

Please note that this event can be provided 'in-house' at your school, a consortium meeting or a Bursar training event usually at significant savings per delegate (minimum 5 delegates). You will be asked in advance if you need a particular focus for the day which will be incorporated in our proposal.


Contact Details to book:

Evelyn on 0121 622 2502 or customerservices@001inspiration.co.uk


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Salvus House, Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS