Data Protection Impact Assessment - Help! (Washington)

9th May 2019

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07 May 2019

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments workshop

9.30 am - 2.30 pm

9th May 2019 – Washington

14th May 2019 – Durham

Please note at each venue there are 15 places available for this workshop.  

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are mandatory under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our half-day workshop on DPIA explains all, It helps you understand what privacy impact assessments are, how they work, the approaches that make them robust and what is needed to make them easy to use.

Most schools will by now have updated their data protection policies to reflect and meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) enable schools to assess potential data protection and other privacy implications at the design stage of a new system or process. Such risks can be assessed and addressed within the development of the system or process, rather than being a “bolt-on” after implementation (when it may be too late to address all the concerns, at least without significant cost implications).

If not handled correctly this will be a huge task. Consider for example staff use of mobile phones and the potential for data breach. Do you even know where the data on the phones is stored? Does the phone automatically back up personal data such as email, sms, voicemails, pictures etc. to the phone provider, google, Microsoft? What about the apps installed do they pose a risk, what about location data?

Staff use of social media? Is this allowed? Do you have policies in place to control it? How big a risk does it pose for data protection and privacy breach and do you know what your staff are posting to social media?

Data Protection training is an essential element of staff induction and part of their ongoing CPD programme.

Workshop content:

-What is a DPIA, and when should one be carried out

-National regulators’ recommendations and guidance

-Stages of a DPIA and what to do in practice: initial assessment, preparation, information flows, consultation with stakeholders, analysis, documentation

-The relationship between conducting DPIAs with other risk and project management activities (e.g. other risk assessments, data protection audits)

-Legal and compliance issues to consider

Learning objectives:

- Information Commissioners Code of Practice for PIAs

- Definition of High Risks to Privacy

- Completed DPIA

- Practical action plan for your school to achieve under the requirements of the GDPR

Delegates will receive:

- Certificate of attendance

- Complimentary chocolates/mints/sweets

- Refreshments


£199 + vat per delegate (5% discount on the overall cost for 3 or more delegates attending from the same school)

Training venue:

9th May 2019 - Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB

14th May 2019 - Salvus House, Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS

In-house events:

Please note that this event can be provided 'in-house' at your school, a consortium meeting or a Bursar training event usually at significant savings per delegate (minimum 5 delegates). You will be asked in advance if you need a particular focus for the day which will be incorporated in our proposal.

Contact Details to book:

Evelyn on 0121 622 2502 or


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Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB