Conflict Management (Durham)

12th Feb 2020

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10 February 2020

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

Conflict Resolution workshop

9.30 am - 2.30 pm


4th February 2020 – Washington

12th February 2020 – Durham


Please note at each venue there are 15 places available for this workshop.



Conflict management is a specialised form of training that is designed to help you to deal with those difficult, emotional conflict situations, in a more rational, calm and professional manner.


Conflict is inevitable. At work you are bound to get some conflict because-not everyone agrees. The big question is: How well do you handle conflict situations? Some people are too pushy and say too much. Some people are too passive and do not have the courage to say anything.


The best way is to be a rational conflict manager is learning how to manage conflict situations confidently, professionally and quickly.  This workshop provides an insight into conflict resolution

Workshop Content:
- Different stages of conflict

- Objectivity verses emotion

- Listening and responding with empathy

- Strategies for minimising or reducing conflict

- Uncovering hidden agendas

- Delivering difficult messages

- Maintaining relationships

- Useful and defusing phrases

- Giving and receiving feedback

- Dealing with difficult styles and reactions

- Managing conflict action plan

Learning Objectives:

-  understand why people are motivated to do the things they do

-  learn what motivates you and others

-  see how you may be perceived by others with differing motivations

-  identify the key causes of conflict

-  explore methods to build trust and respect with colleagues

-  develop strategies to deal with conflict before it escalates

-  use a recommended framework for structuring difficult conversations.


Delegates will receive:

- Complimentary review of Conflict Resolution school policy

- Certificate of attendance

- Complimentary chocolates/mints/sweets

- Refreshments and lunch



£215 + vat per delegate (5% discount on the overall cost for 3 or more delegates attending from the same school)


Training venue:

4th February 2020 - Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB

12th February 2020 - Salvus House, Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS


In-house events:

Please note that this event can be provided 'in-house' at your school, a consortium meeting or a Bursar training event usually at significant savings per delegate (minimum 5 delegates). You will be asked in advance if you need a particular focus for the day which will be incorporated in our proposal.


Contact Details to book:

Evelyn on 0121 622 2502 or


2020 CPD training workshops to follow:

January 2020 – Health and Wellbeing Champion

February 2020 – Conflict Resolution

March 2020 - Health and Wellbeing Awareness

April 2020 - Workplace Mediation

May 2020 – Managing Stress in the Workplace

June 2020 – Mental Health Awareness

July 2020 – Health and Wellbeing Champion


Salvus House, Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS