Worldwide Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research funds unique and ground breaking research projects into any type of cancer, anywhere in the world. The reason? To gain global perspective. Research does not happen in isolation – the answers will not come from one scientist, in one lab, in one country.

It is thanks to the charity’s dedicated supporters that last year it funded 107 cancer research projects in 17 different countries. In 2018 there will be a further 20 new, pioneering projects developed around the world. Worldwide Cancer Research will ensure researchers around the globe have what they need to continue the search for the answers to cancer.

With the number of people diagnosed with cancer set to increase by 2030, support for Worldwide Cancer Research is more important than ever. The charity has already been able to help find a life-saving treatment for a type of ovarian cancer and next year it will continue to search for ways to attack prostate cancer and dozens of other cancer types too.

The charity’s work benefits communities internationally, nationally and locally here in the North East.One of the ways the charity has raised money has been by linking corporate supporters with the educational sector as follows;

We are keen to strengthen our relationships within local education and look at ways we can work together where there is a mutual benefit that includes an element of fundraising. The main two ways we have done this to date are as follows;


STEM – We have access to active cancer research scientists who have received grants from our charity who can present and talk to students; as part of this it there is potential for lab visits locally and we also have internal employees with PhDs in science based areas who can talk to students around their route through learning and experiences gained.

Employability - We are keen to use our corporate contacts to assist with employability and a current example of this is as follows;

-        Staff members spend some time in the University (or via Skype etc.) passing on their expertise and assisting a group of pupils with the setting up and running of a local event

-        The pupils gain great experience and knowledge through working with professionals (which can be used on their C.V. & UCAS applications)

-        The charity generates funds from the events held which will go towards funding unique and ground breaking cancer research projects around the world

We have carried out events with and several local schools, colleges and academies around both STEM and employability, can become charity of the year, and can publicise events in any way in which you are comfortable (social media, press etc.)


STEM event

"The workshop really opened students' eyes to the world of cancer research - not only the science behind the disease but also the sheer volume of work going on behind the scenes to try to find more effective treatments. Most of the students had very little idea about how the research and funding process works and now have a much deeper appreciation of how people's donations contribute to such vital work."


Case Studies