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An established national training consultancy, we ensure that we provide all delegates with impartial support, advice, information and guidance.Our service provision is designed to support national economic and social objectives through the training workshops, strategic partnerships and working with educational establishments and organisations. At 001 Inspiration Ltd we all share a mission which is to help people and organisations to progress and develop.Detailed below is a list of the key workshops that we offer: 

CPD workshops

•360 ESafety Tool

•Controlling Workplace Social Media

•Data protection Audit

•Data Protection Compliance

•Effective Customer Service

•Employment Law

•ESafeguarding Awareness

•ESafety Awareness

•Health and Safety

•Investors in People Standards

•Keeping on the right side of Employment Law

•Team Building


•UK Bribery Act 2010Bespoke workshops

•Advanced HR skills and solutions

•Alcohol and Drugs Awareness

•Anger Management

•Coaching skills

•Communication skills

•Control and Restraint Techniques

•Job searching skills

•Manual Handling

•Mystery Shopping in Educational Establishments

•Practical HR skills

•Presentation Skills

•Stress Management and Well Being

•Time Management

•Train the Trainer

...if there is a workshop that you are interested in and it is not displayed in any of the above, please let us know.

All workshops include:

•Framed/laminated certificate of attendance

•Presentation pack

•Complimentary chocolates/sweets/mints

•Document/policy review

Latest Offers

Need an independent DPO ready for September 2018?

Independent Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Monitor the organisation's compliance with Data Protection (GDPR)

Protecting data, be it personal, sensitive or even public is extremely important, and having a competent Data Protection Officer (DPO) will ensure successful implementation of all the regulations and proper compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The DPO is a function mandated by the GDPR aiming to provide data security governance. The DPO oversee the data protection strategy and its implementation, so that compliance with GDPR requirements is ensured.

Even where the GDPR does not specifically require the appointment of a DPO, it is highly encouraged by the European Article 29 Working Party (WP29) as a matter of good practice and to demonstrate compliance. It is important to note that an organisation who does or does not appoint a DPO voluntarily must still comply with the full range of DPO requirements in the GDPR.

How we can help and support you: 

The DPO’s tasks:

The GDPR is explicit about the tasks that DPOs are required to perform. They include the following:

- Inform and advise the organisation and its employees of their data protection obligations under the GDPR.

 - Monitor the organisation’s compliance with the GDPR and internal data protection policies and procedures. This will include monitoring the assignment of responsibilities, awareness training, and training of staff involved in processing operations and related audits.

- Advise on the necessity of data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), the manner of their implementation and outcomes.

- Serve as the contact point to the data protection authorities for all data protection issues, including data breach reporting.

- Serve as the contact point for individuals (data subjects) on privacy matters, including subject access requests.

Need an independent DPO ready for September 2018?

Contact details:

Evelyn or Mehreen on 0121 622 2502 or customerservices@001inspiration.co.uk