Managing Challenging Colleagues

12th Sep 2017

Target Audience
School Leaders

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Delivering high quality teaching and learning, and supporting your staff in achieving that, are central to your role as a line manager. There are many reasons why a teacher or other staff member might be underperforming; helping these staff to perform well, within a reasonable amount of time, and in doing so keeping them within the profession providing quality education should be priority.

This one-day course will give you:
• Techniques to be relentless while working constructively with colleagues
• Techniques for approaching ‘well-defended’ teachers
• Skills in negotiating for improvement in the more challenging areas of underperformance in your school.

Staff can react in a number of ways when under a performance review. This course offers ways of tackling the issues which might arise when a challenge is made for improvement. Performance review for professional growth underpins the content of the course.
Who should attend?
Head teachers, senior leaders and all those looking for practical skills in addressing sensitive issues of underperformance.
Why attend?
• Learn how to apply conflict management skills to challenging situations of underperformance.
• Discover strategies to improve listening, coaching and critical feedback skills.
• Find out how to negotiate meaningful targets and contract for improvement.
• Learn ways of utilising informal procedures to establish solid grounds for formal procedures if necessary.
 Course objectives
• Responding to the challenge of underperformance.
• Develop your confidence to address those difficult conversations.
• Understanding and motivating difficult colleagues.
• Focus on the core issues when addressing challenging situations.
• Problem-solving approaches and strategies.
• Link performance management within the context of school improvement.
• Develop your leadership style to achieve a positive outcome from tough conversations.
• Preparing for formal procedures.

Date: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: The Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham


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The Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham