Digital Distraction in schools (Durham & Washington)

21st Sep 2017

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19 September 2017

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

Controlling Social Media in schools (2.5 CPD points or hours)


9.30 am - 12.30 pm


21st September 2017 – Washington

23rd September 2017 – Durham


Please note at each venue there are 20 places available for this workshop.


Social networking is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when MySpace and Facebook ruled the web. Now, practically everyone's gone mobile, with real-time photo and video sharing becoming the big trend that people are most excited about, especially teenagers.


Do you know the hottest social app trends for teens?












The idea of a digital footprint is not new. Children need to be aware of the trail they leave when online. Instagram images, Facebook status updates, cyberbullying, web security, parents/carers credit card information, identity theft, graphic content, password security, etc. are a  threat to their physical, digital, and overall security.  Hence, your need as a school to be more diligence is imperative!


Controlling Social Media in schools training is an essential element of staff induction and part of their ongoing CPD programme.  It is also paramount that children and parents are educated.


Workshop content:

- Latest social media aps

- Dealing with the issues surrounding social media

- Mobile devices: phone, laptop, desk top, iPad, play station, phone watch, recordable pens/other devices

- What does Ofsted say?

- Social media and young people's mental health

- How to educate parents (See attached sample leaflet)

- Creating and maintaining a robust Social Media policy

- 360° Online Safety Mark/Online Compass Mark

- Social media school action plan


Learning objectives:

- To understand the impact of social media in your school

- To be able to control, manage and embrace social media positively

- To recognise the importance of having robust Social Media policies and procedures in your school

- To be able to engage with parents on social media issues

- To identify best practices to implement within your school


Delegates will receive:

- Free review of the school's Social Media policy

- Framed certificate of attendance

- Complimentary chocolates/mints/sweets

- Refreshments (Tea/Coffee and biscuits)



£175 + vat per delegate (5% discount on the overall cost for 3 or more delegates attending from the same school)


Training venue:

21st September 2017- Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB

23rd September 2017– The Rivergreen Centre, Durham, Durham City, County Durham, DH1 5TS


In-house events:

Please note that this event can be provided 'in-house' at your school, a consortium meeting or a Bursar training event usually at significant savings per delegate (minimum 5 delegates). You will be asked in advance if you need a particular focus for the day which will be incorporated in our proposal. We also provide social media awareness sessions for children and parents/carers. 


Contact Details to book:

Evelyn or Nayem on 0121 622 2502 or


2017 & 2018 CPD training to follow:

August 2017 – Employment Law Updates

October 2017 - Controlling Social Media

October 2017 – GDPR workshop *

October 2017 - ESafety Awareness

November 2017 – Cyber Security Awareness *

November 017 – Data Protection Compliance

December 2017 – GDPR workshop *

December 2017 - 360° Online Safety Mark/Online Compass

January 2018 – Cyber Security Awareness *

February 2018 – GDPR workshop *

February 2018 – Data Protection Auditing

March 2018 – Governors Mark

March 2018 - 360° Online Safety Mark/Online Compass

April 2018 – GDPR workshop *

April 2018 - Adult Safeguarding

May 2018 – Data Protection Compliance

June 2018 – GDPR workshop *

June 2018 - Controlling Social Media

July 2018 –Cyber Security Awareness *

July 2018 – HR Skills for Success

*New workshops


Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB and The Rivergreen Centre, Durham, Durham City, County Durham, DH1 5TS